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Laser hair removal - not just for looks

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Laser hair removal - not just for looks

Abilene Plastic Surgery is now offering the latest technology in laser hair removal. While most think of hair removal as cosmetic, plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Bridge says this new technology can also help patients who experience skin issues like ingrown hairs, skin sensitivity and blemishes.

Laser hair removal targets the entire hair structure, from the hair shaft down to the follicle. Designed for hair removal only, the LightSheer® INFINITY™ by Lumenis® laser system uses high-speed technology to achieve maximum absorption into hair follicles while covering a large area, shortening treatment time and reducing the sensation of heat. The laser’s cooling system momentarily numbs the skin while compressing the handpiece to the skin, rotating the hair follicle for better energy absorption. Patients typically report little to no pain during treatments.

Ingrown hairs are fairly common, but can be painful and removal can present infection risks. Hair removal with this system prevents hairs from growing inward back into the skin after treatment.

Those with sensitivity to hair-removal creams, bleaches or waxing materials also face challenges when trying to remove hair. With this new system, patients no longer experience painful irritation that comes with traditional methods.

Multiple treatments are required to achieve hair reduction. The LightSheer® INFINITY™ effectively treats different hair types and colors, as well as various skin types.

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