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Surgical Services

Our spacious surgical facilities are designed to accommodate the most up-to-date technology for both inpatient and outpatient surgery. The facilities include 14 operating rooms, two cardiovascular operating rooms, five major treatment rooms and expansive family waiting areas that are conveniently located near the surgery areas.

da Vinci® Xi Surgical System

DaVinci machineOur surgical services offers robotic-assisted surgery with the most advanced technology in the West Central Texas region. With the new da Vinci® Xi Surgical System, Hendrick’s multi-disciplinary team of surgeons can perform the most complex and delicate procedures through very small incisions with pinpoint precision.

Surgeons can perform many different types of robotically-assisted procedures including prostatectomies (prostate removal), kidney and bladder surgeries, GERD treatments, colon resections, hernia repairs and gallbladder removals.

The da Vinci Xi System differs from older generations of the technology with newly designed wristed instruments, intuitive motion, ergonomic design, greater 3D-HD visualization and improved overhead architecture which allows the surgeon to perform multi-quadrant surgery without repositioning the system.

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