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Hendrick offers advice on visitor etiquette

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Hendrick offers advice on visitor etiquette
While patients enjoy seeing family and friends during their hospital stay, visitors should follow some guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy. Remember the following visitor etiquette the next time you visit a sick friend or family member in the hospital.
  •     Do not visit if you are ill.
  •     Before visiting, call or text ahead to let the patient know you are coming.
  •     Do not wear perfumes, body sprays or colognes.
  •     Wash your hands before and after the visit.
  •     Speak softly throughout the hospital.
  •     Honor visiting hours and rest times.
  •     Obey all signs posted on the patient’s door.
  •     Make the visit short.
  •     Do not offer outside food to the patient or eat from the patient’s tray.
  •     Leave the room if medical staff or a physician enter the patient’s room. End the visit or wait patiently outside the patient room.