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Hendrick pharmacist offers helpful tips to ensure medication compliance

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When it comes to medication, do you always take it as prescribed?

“Taking medication consistently is very important, especially when it comes to controlling chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes,” said Greg Young, pharmacy manager at Hendrick Professional Pharmacy. “Skipping, skimping or stretching doses can cause these conditions to worsen over time and even lead to hospitalization in some cases.”

Common medication excuses and tips to overcome them

1. They cost too much.
If your medications are expensive, ask your doctor about generic or less expensive options. He/she may know of pharmaceutical assistance programs that can help with the costs. Also, contact your insurance company and ask about cost savings if ordering directly from the company.

2. I forgot!
If you’re not used to taking medicine, you may forget to take it. Write a note on the calendar or take the dose before or after something else you do regularly. Some individuals attach notes to their toothbrushes.

3. I don’t like the side effects.
If you experience side effects, talk with your doctor or pharmacist about how to lessen them.

4. I felt better, so I stopped taking it.
Finish all medications, as directed. You must finish a full course of medication for it to work properly.

"If you are having trouble sticking with your medication on a daily basis, reach out to your pharmacist for advice," said Young."Going over your medications with an expert can help you understand the benefits and side effects of each."

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