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Hendrick Medical Center Network Restored

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Hendrick Medical Center Network Restored

Last week, our information technology (IT) department learned of a network security threat that prompted us to shut down the IT networks at Hendrick Medical Center (main campus) and some of our Hendrick Clinic offices in order to contain the threat and prevent lasting damage to our IT system. Since learning about the threat, our team has worked around the clock to resolve the issue and restore the health system’s networks.

In collaboration with industry experts and federal law enforcement, we have completed our due diligence in assessing and containing the threat, and our team has spent the weekend restoring clinical and business systems. Our hospital and clinic EMR systems are back up and running, and we will continue to actively monitor for similar threats. Moving forward, we will conduct further forensic analysis of the threat and continue to enhance our network security based on industry best practices. We are implementing additional security enhancements even as we bring our systems online.

Our industry continues to experience an unprecedented amount of network security incidents, and we will continue to leverage partnerships with leading firms to deploy new technology that will further “harden” our systems and equipment protecting us from similar events.

While our networks were down, patient care and safety remained our top priority. We would like to thank the many Hendrick team members who worked nights and weekends to ensure that there was minimal disruption to our patients. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue caused.