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Hendrick offers tips for managing medications when traveling

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Hendrick offers tips for managing medications when traveling

The holiday season is here and more and more people are traveling to visit family and friends. When packing, it is essential for individuals taking medication to remember to bring all of the medications needed for the duration of the trip.

Hendrick Pharmacy Manager Greg Young offers five strategies for managing medications when hitting the road:

  • Pack extra. Inclement weather or other unplanned events can extend your travel plans.
  • Keep prescription medications in original, labeled containers. Your pharmacist can arrange for travel bottles you can use to carry the amount of medication you will need for the trip. When flying, visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website BEFORE you get to the airport for regulations and updates regarding medications. Some medications may be allowed in liquid form in carry-on bags.
  • Store medications close. Never store medication in the trunk of a car, glove box or other places where the temperature can fluctuate, damaging the pills and capsules. If traveling by air, store medication in your carry-on bag and keep with you. Do not pack it in checked-in luggage, which could be lost in transit.
  • Keep a list of your medications for emergencies. Have a list of all medications, prescribed or over-the-counter, with you. Put it on your phone or keep it with other important records.
  • Make a medication packing list and check it twice. Before departing, make sure you have everything you need – especially if you take insulin or blood pressure medication.

While away from home, if you realize you forgot something, check with a pharmacist for assistance.

“Pharmacists are used to helping people who have forgotten something,” said Young. “The important thing is to remedy the situation to avoid going without your meds.”