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Hendrick Health brings advanced 3.0T imaging to region

Hendrick Health brings advanced 3.0T imaging to region

Hendrick Health is now offering new scanning technology that combines the advancements in magnetic resonance (MR) with the sophisticated engineering of a 3.0T wide bore system. This new technology, available at Hendrick Medical Center in north Abilene, provides a new level of patient comfort, minimizing scan times and improving image quality.

This new scanner, the SIGNA™ Architect, is an incredibly versatile and adaptable system available from GE Healthcare. Built with patients in mind, the SIGNA™ Architect is redefining the imaging experience.

One of the first differences a patient will notice is that they enter the machine feet first. Entering this way, instead of head first, has shown to drastically reduce claustrophobia.

Patients may also notice the size of the opening (bore) of the magnet where the patient lies down. The bore is wider than traditional MRIs, accommodating individuals of all shapes and sizes. The wider opening can also help with claustrophobia.

For added comfort, specially designed coils, which are the blanket-like pieces placed on or under a patient’s body, offers cushion and support to patients as they lie on the table. Coils are necessary tools for imaging. These coils are light weight and evenly distributed to help with better imaging quality and to allow patients to breathe more freely during the scanning process.

Lastly, this advanced technology cuts the exam time drastically, reducing the amount of time a patient is inside the bore. A welcome relief for most patients!

With this new machine, Hendrick Health continues its commitment to providing patients with the latest in diagnostic imaging technology.