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Hendrick offers tips to make a fitness resolution stick

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Hendrick offers tips to make a fitness resolution stick

For those who have fallen off the treadmill in their New Year’s resolution to exercise more – or haven’t stepped on yet – a Hendrick Health fitness expert has tips for getting back on track.

The first step is to pinpoint why fitness is a goal.

“If you’ve not started on your resolution, or you’ve fallen off, then your ‘why’ is not strong enough,” said Ron Richert, director at Hendrick Health Club.

And, an exercise goal to lose weight is too general, he said.

“Why do you want to lose weight? One answer could be so your clothes fit, or to be healthier,” said Richert. “Identify those reasons and put them on a sticky note to keep in front of you.”

Additional strategies to make a fitness resolution a reality include:

Identify a starting point. Take selfies and measure body fat and weight to monitor progress.

Enlist a partner. Consulting with a trainer ensures the new routine is effective.

“If you start working out two to three hours a day, you can’t keep that up and eventually will quit,” said Richert. “A trainer can assess your needs and set up a workable schedule.”

Another option is to find a fitness buddy or connect with a group that is exercising and eating well. Such a step adds a level of accountability for sticking to the new lifestyle.

Set short-term goals. Tie the goal to a reward, such as new athletic shoes or workout clothes. Take a picture of those rewards to maintain focus.

Start small. Several drastic changes at once can be overwhelming, leading to discouragement.

If you start with small changes, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Log your meals. Write down all intake for a week, or keep track in a nutrition app.

“You could be working really hard and sabotaging it with weekend meals or sugary drinks,” said Richert.

Mix up the routine. To avoid boredom, vary equipment, exercise classes or workout places.