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Hendrick Health urges community to "Mask Up"

With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rapidly increasing, Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a mandate to Texas residents to wear face coverings over the mouth and nose while in a business or building open to the public, as well as outdoor public spaces, whenever social distancing isn’t possible. Hendrick Health has joined city leaders and local businesses in urging the community to Mask Up When You Head Out.

Because cloth face coverings may prevent the person wearing the mask from spreading respiratory droplets when talking, sneezing or coughing, the risk of exposure can be greatly reduced if everyone in the community is taking precautions. COVID-19 can also be spread from individuals who are symptom-free or are not yet exhibiting symptoms. 

Hendrick continues safety precautions to limit the spread of COVID-19, with staff wearing masks at all care sites. As hospitalizations surge, plans are in place to increase bed capacity, should it become necessary.

When putting on, wearing and disposing of a cloth mask, these steps should be taken to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and other germs:

  1. Before putting on a mask, clean hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and water.
  2. Hold mask by the ear loops and place a loop around each ear. Adjust mask to cover mouth and nose.
  3. Avoid touching the mask while in use. If you touch it, clean hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap and water.
  4. Remove mask from behind. Discard immediately in a closed bin or a bin for cloth masks to be laundered. Immediately wash hands.

Mask Up When You Head Out!