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COVID-19 Lab Updates

The current COVID-19 pandemic has required every healthcare provider and medical service lines across the globe to quickly and radically change the way care is delivered. And because lab testing accounts for approximately 70 percent of all diagnoses, it’s vital that Hendrick Regional Laboratory remains at the forefront. From the collection of samples to the types of testing performed, Hendrick Regional Lab has worked tirelessly to provide the most-up-to-date services to the community.

Hendrick Regional Lab continues to offer in-house testing for COVID-19, as well as IgG and IgM testing. In close partnership with Mayo Clinic Trial teams, Hendrick Regional Blood Center is also collecting and providing convalescent plasma as an investigational treatment for those patients physicians believe will benefit from this transfusion.

Watch the video to learn more about what Hendrick Regional Lab has been doing in the fight against COVID-19.