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Hendrick Health finalizes purchase of Abilene and Brownwood Medical Centers

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Hendrick Health finalizes purchase of Abilene and Brownwood Medical Centers

Hendrick Health is pleased to announce the finalization of purchase of Abilene Regional Medical Center and Brownwood Regional Medical Center and their associated healthcare operations from an affiliate of Community Health Systems, Inc. At 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 27, Hendrick Health will assume ownership of the 231–bed facility in Abilene and the 188-bed hospital in Brownwood.

“Today is the culmination of a year of planning and preparation,” said Brad Holland, president and CEO for Hendrick Health. “We are excited to begin this transformation in healthcare for our communities. Our growth ensures local access to vital medical services that patients need.”

Since 1924, Hendrick Health has been providing high-quality healthcare to Abilene and the West Texas region. The acquisition will expand specialty services and will strengthen partnerships throughout the region.

“The pursuit of this purchase has been referred to as a transformational transaction - and that is exactly what it is,” said Larry Smith, chair for Hendrick Health’s Board of Trustees. “As the need for additional beds and resources has steadily increased in Abilene, Brownwood and our surrounding areas, we were challenged to determine the best way to meet those needs as quickly as possible. The purchase of Abilene Regional and Brownwood Regional Medical Centers allows us to do just that.”

Hendrick Medical Center, located at 1900 Pine St. in Abilene, will retain its name, while the newly acquired campuses will change to Hendrick Medical Center South, formerly Abilene Regional Medical Center, and Hendrick Medical Center Brownwood, formerly Brownwood Regional Medical Center. In addition, the affiliated employed physician practices are now Hendrick Clinic.

“Our hospital, now Hendrick Medical Center South, will be able to thrive under a locally owned organization that will reinvest capital and human resources to allow us to contribute to the Hendrick mission,” said Mike Murphy, chief administrative officer for Hendrick Medical Center South. “For the community, this will allow our patients to access the same high level of compassionate care across many different access points, including both Abilene hospitals. The change from out-of-state ownership to Abilene-based Hendrick Health, will allow us to focus more on the delivery of healthcare here in Abilene, while contributing to Hendrick's mission.

Longtime employee Hal Shaw, director of facility management at Hendrick Medical Center Brownwood, has a unique perspective on the purchase of Brownwood Regional Medical Center, where his father was the first administrator of the hospital. He said he appreciates the idea of moving away from healthcare as a business for investors and moving toward healthcare as a healing ministry.

“With the transition to Hendrick, it seems as though we are returning to the original intentions of the men and women whose vision led to the construction of Brownwood Community Hospital a little more than 50 years ago,” said Shaw. “Their goal was to bring to our area a modern healthcare facility with a focus on community-based care. I’m excited and very optimistic about the opportunities the future holds for our facilities. We have an outstanding group of dedicated medical staff members and employees, and with the combined talents of our organizations, I’m certain that the citizens of Brown and surrounding counties will continue to see unmatched care and compassion at Hendrick Medical Center Brownwood.”

More than 1,100 employees will be added to the Hendrick Health workforce—670 in Abilene and 456 in Brownwood.

“The economic impact this transaction will have in Abilene and Brownwood is significant,” said Smith. “Hendrick Health has added employees in several disciplines to meet the expanded operational needs of the system. Over the next few years, we will invest millions of dollars for upgrades to the physical facilities, system integration and equipment.”

Holland added, “We look forward to the physicians and employees of both hospitals joining our team as we work to carry out the vision of the Board—to ensure Hendrick Health is well positioned to navigate the healthcare industry’s changing landscape.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Providers/Services

After the purchase is finalized, will I be able to continue to see my current provider?

Patients will have access to their current doctors, as well as to an expanded group of providers and specialists.

If I have an upcoming appointment, will I need to reschedule?

No. All appointments with your providers will remain on their schedules. You should not expect any disruption to your scheduled care.

Will my physician be able to practice at any of the Hendrick hospitals?

All physicians will continue to have uninterrupted hospital staff privileges where they have them today.

After the purchase, will my doctor’s office remain at the same location?

Yes. Your physician will continue to practice at the location where he/she practiced prior to the purchase.

What services will be provided at Hendrick Medical Center South, formerly ARMC and Hendrick Medical Center Brownwood, formerly BRMC?

The same services provided before the close of transaction will continue at the location, unless otherwise notified.

Will I be able to receive treatment at non-Hendrick facilities?

You will be able to continue using any healthcare facility or services referred by your doctor.

Will I be able to use Hendrick locations for lab draws, procedures or tests?

You may visit any Hendrick lab location. For other procedures or tests, please contact your doctor’s office.

Will I be able to have my surgery at any of the Hendrick Medical Centers?

Physicians/surgeons will be able to perform procedures at the facility they have privileges at prior to closing.

I’m pregnant. Will I be able to choose where I want to deliver?

You will need to deliver at the hospital where your provider has privileges.

If NICU services are needed, where will my baby be treated?

If the facility where your baby was born has NICU services, your baby will remain at that facility.

Who will I need to call if I have a concern about my hospital stay?

Contact Hendrick Patient Relations at 325-670-2915.

Insurance/Medical Records

Will my insurance be accepted?

Hendrick is in-network with most insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company for details of your coverage.

If I do not have insurance, will I be able to go to any of Hendrick Health’s emergency rooms?

Patients currently can seek emergency medical care at any hospital, regardless of insurance status.

Where can I access my medical records?

You will be able to access your medical records at all Hendrick locations.