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Hendrick now reporting COVID-positive hospitalizations by vaccination status

Hendrick now reporting COVID-positive hospitalizations by vaccination status

Today, Hendrick Health will begin reporting COVID-19 positive hospitalized patients by vaccination status. The number of fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated COVID patients will be updated each weekday. The Community COVID-19 Safety Level Dial will be reported once a week.

The addition of the new graphic comes at a time when the healthcare community is in crisis, with the number of hospitalizations at an all-time high across the region. The new information will reflect the total number of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID-19 patients at Hendrick’s Abilene and Brownwood campuses. The total number of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID-19 patients for all three intensive care units will also be included.


Vaccines remain the best defense against COVID-19 and its variants. While fully vaccinated individuals can still become ill with COVID-19, the vaccine has proven to be effective in decreasing the severity of symptoms and hospitalizations. Those who have been sick with COVID-19 are also advised to get the vaccine. To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine, text "covidhelp" to 325-216-4824.


In an effort to help more individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and to ease the overwhelming burden on the medical community, Hendrick Health is offering the monoclonal antibody infusion for eligible patients. This outpatient therapy is reserved for patients who are at high risk for developing severe symptoms or the need for hospitalization. Certain criteria must be met to receive this treatment, including individuals 65 or greater who have had symptoms for less than 10 days and are COVID positive, or patients between the ages of 12-64 who have had symptoms for less than 10 days, are COVID positive and have a comorbidity (obesity, pregnancy, past medical history of chronic kidney disease, Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD, asthma, immunosuppressive disease or treatment). This therapy is not approved for patients who require hospitalization or who require the use of oxygen at home because of COVID-19.

Individuals who have received a COVID-positive test result and are interested in receiving an antibody infusion can be referred by their physician/medical provider or submit a self-referral form. Referrals will be evaluated by infection prevention specialists who will determine eligibility, and if eligibility is confirmed, the individual will be scheduled for an infusion. For more information on the monoclonal antibody infusion, eligibility criteria and referral process, visit


  1. Get fully vaccinated.
  2. Wear masks in indoor public spaces regardless of vaccination status.
  3. Refrain from attending large gatherings where social distancing and masking are not encouraged.
  4. If sick, stay home and get screened/tested for COVID-19.
If fully vaccinated individuals come into close contact with someone suspected with or confirmed with COVID-19, they should be tested 3-5 days after exposure and take action as if they are positive until test results are received.