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Unfunded Care

Hendrick Health is, has been and always will be committed to meeting the health care needs of this community. We are committed to meeting those needs regardless of the patient’s ability or inability to pay for their services.

For those individuals who are not enrolled in a health plan and must meet their financial obligations by using personal resources, Hendrick offers the following assistance:

First, upon request, we will attempt to inform patients, prior to any service encounter, as to what their personal financial obligation will be and arrange for them to pay that amount, prior to or at the time of service. Providing this information is a difficult task because the full scope of services a patient will require during any single encounter is not always certain. We will provide the best estimate we can.

Secondly, any remaining financial obligation can be paid out in reasonable monthly installments without any assessment of interest.

Thirdly, discount and assistance programs are available to help patients meet their financial obligation. These programs are dependent upon personal circumstances and one’s ability to pay. The following information is presented to provide some idea of how these programs work.

Standard Self-Pay Uninsured Discount

Hendrick Health will extend to all self-pay uninsured patients, a 35 percent discount off patient's amount excluding implants. This discount will be automatically applied to the bill. There is no application process or qualification criterion. This discount is also available to insured patients when they receive services excluded by their health plan. Some advance payment will be requested at the time of service.

Advance Pay Self-Pay Uninsured Discounts

A discount of 50% off patient's amount excluding implants will be extended to patients who pay 50% of the estimate of charges prior to or at the time of service. This discount plan also carries with it a guarantee of the estimate of charges as long as the scope of services does not change dramatically from what was determined initially. For example, if the service encounter is initially determined to be on an outpatient basis but circumstances dictate that the patient must be admitted as an inpatient, this would be considered a dramatic change in the scope of service. Any change in the scope of services required, will be made by the physician(s) involved in the patient’s care. The 50% discount would still apply but there may be additional charges for which the patient would then be responsible.

Charity Care Program

Hendrick Health offers charity discounts to patients who demonstrate an inability or limited ability to pay for the medically-necessary services they require. This program requires the completion of an application and providing proof of household income, cash assets and family size. There are two classifications used for this program, Medical Indigence and Financial Indigence.

Medical Indigence

In situations where a patient’s financial obligation to Hendrick reaches significantly high levels, consideration will be given to establish Medical Indigence. Hendrick defines Medical Indigence as having a financial obligation that exceeds 33 percent of annual household income. In this case a charity adjustment is made to reduce the financial obligation down to 33 percent of household income.

Financial Indigence

Household income, which includes cash assets, is compared to Federal Poverty Income Levels (FPIL) adjusted for family size.

When household income is below 250% of the FPIL the applicant will be granted full charity or 100% of patient's amount.

When household income is above 250% of the FPIL the applicant will be granted partial charity. This means the applicant will pay a portion of the patient's amount. The charity discounts are applied according to the “sliding scale” below.

  • 251-260% 98% of patient's amount
  • 261-270% 95% of patient's amount
  • 271-280% 92% of patient's amount
  • 281-290% 90% of patient's amount
  • 291-300% 88% of patient's amount
  • 301-325% 86% of patient's amount
  • 326-350% 84% of patient's amount
  • 351-375% 82% of patient's amount
  • 376-400% 80% of patient's amount
  • > 400% Consider Uninsured Discounts or Medical Indigence only

The three programs outlined above function independently from one another and are not to be used in conjunction with each other.

If a patient is enrolled in a health plan, there are regulatory restrictions with which we must abide in regard to discounts. Those restrictions do not apply to the Charity Care Program, so insured individuals can be considered for this type assistance.

More detailed explanations and the specific rules that govern these programs can be obtained by contacting the main Business Office or Resource Assistance.

The Resources Assistance unit is also available to assist patients with enrollment in various government-sponsored health care programs. This is yet another way for one to meet their financial obligation for health care services. These government-sponsored programs generally will help with payment for physician services also.

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