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Club Courage Volunteers

The spring session of Club Courage for 2022 is canceled; the next session will be scheduled for fall of 2022.

Responsibilities of Club Courage Counselors:

Each club counselor will be assigned to a small group of children who they are responsible for throughout the course of club. Each small group will have at minimum two counselors assigned. The responsibilities of the counselors are:

  • Commitment/Consistency: Your commitment and consistency as a facilitator is crucial to this program. Please contact the Bereavement Coordinator in advance (preferably at least 24 hours in advance) if you will be absent so other arrangements can be made for your group.
  • Confidentiality: Please stress each week that what is said in the room stays in the room. This goes for you, too! You are privileged to confidential and highly sensitive information and are expected to respect privacy and confidentially. Protect our kids by not taking pictures of them or disclosing information about them to anyone outside of Club.
  • Safety: You must immediately report any problems you see with a child to the Bereavement Coordinator. This includes disciplinary problems within the group, any problems you believe a child is having at home, or any suspect of physical, emotional or psychological abuse.
  • Boundaries: You may not have any group or individual activities with our children participants outside of the Club Courage sessions. Please do not give out your phone number, address or social media to the children or their parent/guardian. If they would like to get in touch with you, have them contact the Hendrick Hospice Care office. All questions or concerns from parents/guardians should be directed to the Bereavement Coordinator.
  • Fairness: Please do not bring gifts or special treats unless you can provide them for all of your participants.
  • Leadership: It is important to maintain control over your group by:
    • Focusing on the positive
    • Setting rules from the beginning
    • Maintaining a professional relationship- you are their example and a positive adult role model
  • Adhering to the weekly session as best as possible
How to be a Great Group Facilitator:
  • Be prepared: You will receive a weekly email with the curriculum for the upcoming week. Read and be familiar with the curriculum prior to your arrival to Club the following week. Ensure that you have all the necessary supplies in your classroom. Coordinate with your co-leader(s) to make sure that everyone is included and on the same page.
  • Get to know the kids in your group: Know and use their names. Be familiar with the details behind their loss. Pay attention to their individual needs and try to anticipate and respond to those needs.
  • Take care of yourself: The topics we talk about are not easy. Prepare emotionally for the work that we will do together and take time to recover after sessions. Debrief with your co-leader or the Bereavement Coordinator.
  • Coordinate with your co-leader(s): Ensure that everyone has a part in facilitating. Make sure that everyone feels respected and supported. Communicate with kindness and patience. Work to resolve differences and disagreements.
  • Have fun: Enjoy your time with the kids and with your co-leader(s)! This is a lot of work, but you are changing lives! Know that you are so appreciated.
Volunteer Time Requirements

Volunteers will need to complete training prior to the start of Club. Volunteers are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of Club and stay up to 30 minutes after its conclusion. Volunteers must be able to attend all six sessions.


The following forms will need to be filled out in order to volunteer for Club Courage. Accepted volunteers will be screened by Employee Wellness at Hendrick Health. If you are a Hendrick Health employee you only need to fill out the HIPAA form.
Criminal History Check
DPS Criminal History Verification
Registry Check
HIPPA and Confidentiality Agreement
Liability and Media Release

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