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Aquatic therapy incorporates the properties of water to positively impact movement, strength and function. Water is a safe and effective medium to exercise specific muscle groups and joints with substantially less compressive forces than other types of exercise. Aquatic therapy techniques are designed to move against the buoyancy of water, facilitating exercise by making movements easier and less painful. The therapeutic, non-weight-bearing properties of water create an ideal rehabilitation environment, especially for post-operative patients or those with back injuries.

  • All participants MUST have a doctor's release.
  • Proper aquatic dress attire:
    • Women : one-piece suit
    • Men: suitable swim trunks

Pool Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
6 a.m. Level 3
7 a.m. Level 1
12 p.m. Level 2
1-2:30 p.m. No class; open walking
5 p.m. Level 3

Tuesday, Thursday

10 a.m. Level 1
12 p.m. Level 1
5 p.m. Level 3
Open walking is offered during all of the class times listed above.

Please do not enter the pool until the instructor is present. All pool participants must be members of Hendrick Health Club. For more information, call 325-670-7170.

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