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Code of Conduct

Direct any physician-to-physician communication and other questions/concerns to Rob Wiley, MD, Chief Medical Officer.

It is the policy of Hendrick Medical Center that all individuals are to be treated courteously, respectfully and with dignity. Medical Staff members have a responsibility for the welfare, well-being, and betterment of their patients, along with a responsibility to maintain their own professional and personal well-being.

When a Medical Staff member is found to have fallen short of these expectations, the Medical Staff supports intervention strategies focused on restoring trust; however, disciplinary measures will be undertaken when necessary to ensure safety.

This code is a statement of guidelines for professional behavior of the Medical Staff in all dealings with Medical Staff members, patients, patients’ families, other health care providers, hospital employees, students, visitors, vendors, volunteers, or others on Hospital premises who engage in business with or at the Hospital.

View the Code of Conduct policy – MS1-5 "Code of Conduct."

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