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Patient-Centered Pledge

Our Pledge to Patients, Families, Physicians and Co-Workers:

I will:

Share and receive meaningful information

Stand up, educate others and lend a voice

Work together for a common purpose

Be Professional
Maintain high standards and respect for myself and others

Take Ownership
Understand how my role contributes to our organization and community

To Achieve:

Protect others by following best practices and policies

Perform with consistency and accuracy for the best possible outcome

Demonstrate improvement and outstanding customer service

To Uphold:

Our Mission Statement
To deliver high quality healthcare emphasizing excellence and compassion consistent with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

The Patient-Centered Pledge was developed by Hendrick Health to define the specific behaviors all physicians and employees are to practice. By checking the Patient-Centered Pledge box upon completion of this physician orientation, you agree to comply and practice the standards outlined here.

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