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Radiologic Technology Links of Interest

Student Resources and Services

Financial Aid

Access to financial information provided through the Radiography School Program office, 325-670-2427.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Access to information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and accommodations requests provided through the Human Resources Department, 325-670-3181.

Personal Counseling

Access to personal counseling and related information provided through the Pastoral Care Department, 325-670-2256.

Access to Computers with Internet Access

Computers and printers are available to students in the school office and in the library.

Group Website

Students have 24/7 access to course outlines and study aids. Students can ask questions, make suggestions and more thorough the group website.

Review of Record

Students can access their academic record 24/7 online.

Food Service

The Archway Cafe at Hendrick provides a wide variety of quality menu items for students.


Campus security personnel are always on duty to answer questions or to assist students.

Library Services

The Sellers Health Science Library of Hendrick Medical Center provides medical/health information to the Texas Midwest, covering 22 counties.