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Skill Standards

There are a number of physical, mental, aptitude and emotional skills which are essential in the duties and responsibilities of a medical radiographer, as well as a student in the radiologic technology program. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. The ability to manipulate portable imaging equipment and other medical/technical equipment.
  2. The ability to physically operate all types of imaging equipment.
  3. The physical ability to assist in lifting patients from a cart, bed or wheelchair to the radiographic table.
  4. The ability to lift, bend and stoop.
  5. The ability to visually observe (see) the patient at a minimum distance of 20 feet. The ability to read the requisition in the execution of a radiographic procedure, and the visual acuity to see the X-ray control panel.
  6. Auditory perception is required in the care and management of the patient. The applicant (student) must be able to respond to the auditory needs of the patient, respond to the auditory communication of the physicians(s), nurse(s) and co-workers.
  7. The ability to orally communicate in English.
  8. The ability to maintain an emotional state to function in times of stress and in emergency situations.
  9. Possess the physical stamina (endurance) to maintain a 40 hours per week commitment to the program.
  10. Possess the aptitude for reading comprehension and use of elementary algebra.
  11. The ability to perform CPR and emergency patient evacuation procedures.