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Epidural Anesthesia

What is Epidural Anesthesia?

Epidural anesthesia is a common type of pain relief administered during labor. An epidural provides anesthesia that lessens the feelings of pain in the lower half the body. Patients considering epidural anesthesia are encouraged to discuss the procedure with their doctor prior to delivery.

Getting An Epidural

Upon arrival at the hospital, a medical provider will meet with you to explain the procedure, risks and benefits of epidural anesthesia and answer any questions. Patients will be asked to sign a consent for treatment before epidural anesthesia is administered.

Epidural Video

Viewing the epidural video is no longer required to receive epidural anesthesia at Hendrick.

All patients considering epidural anesthesia are encouraged to watch the epidural video available on BirthPlace EDU, powered by YoMingo®, a free educational platform that offers 24/7 access to valuable education, support and tools related to pregnancy and childbirth.

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