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Pet Therapy

little girl petting black lab Pet Enhanced Therapy Services is a special part of Hendrick Center for Rehabilitation.

For more than 16 years, the Pet Enhanced Therapy Services or P.E.T.S. program is a special part of Hendrick Center for Rehabilitation. The program is comprised of volunteers who help with physical, occupational and speech therapy not only in rehab, but throughout the hospital. The P.E.T.S. program also provides visits to patients in the main hospital on a regular basis, as well as at the request of physicians, staff and the patients' families. Often patients who miss their own pets will be less anxious or depressed after visiting with one of our animal volunteers.

Animal Participation Requirements

Animals must be at least one year old, healthy, well-socialized and of good temperament. Dogs must have undergone basic obedience training as well. Dogs that can retrieve or perform tricks are especially desirable because these activities can enhance a physical, occupational or speech therapy session.

Each pet is carefully screened for both good health and aptitude. Volunteer teams are formally involved in treatment, helping the patient achieve a wide variety of goals.

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Donna McGehee
PETS Specialist

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