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Special Circumstances & Disaster Procedures

Special Circumstances (crime victims, well-known persons)

  • Certain situations may occur when Hendrick Health is by policy not able to provide information to the media. Hendrick Health cannot acknowledge a patient who is a crime victim, has an assailant still at-large, is a patient identified as a victim of child abuse or sexual assault, a prisoner at Taylor County Jail, Abilene Police Department, French Robertson Unit or by other law enforcement authority.
  • The response of the hospital will be, “I have no information about that patient.” This is not meant to avoid providing information to media; it is to protect the patient. The information is not available to the Public Relations/Marketing staff member, nor is it available for the media from Hendrick. Please contact law enforcement for information.
  • Celebrities, public figures and public officials are not subject to different standards than other patients when it comes to hospital policies for releasing information to the media. The hospital must seek the consent of this person, immediate family member, physician or agent, before an interview or photograph may be permitted.

Disaster Procedures

  • In case of major accidents or a natural disaster, Hendrick Health will relay important information to the media, as well as community members.
  • Members of the media are prohibited from coming on Hendrick Health properties without prior permission and an escort from a hospital representative. Media can only be on public property. The parking lot at 1850 Hickory St. is an approved site for media to set up with prior approval.
  • A designated information center for media will be opened at the discretion of Hendrick Health. This center's location will be communicated with media.
  • All unauthorized personnel will be prohibited from entering the campus during the time the disaster plan is in effect. Media representatives will be allowed in the media information center with proper press identification that must be displayed at all times and only if accompanied by a hospital representative