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Nuclear Medicine

Our nuclear medicine department is staffed with extensively-trained, certified nuclear medicine technologists who work closely with radiologists, cardiologists and other imaging specialties to make sure you are receiving the best care and most comprehensive reports.

What is nuclear medicine?

Nuclear Medicine is a safe, relatively painless technique to image the body using radiation tracers. These tracers are injected, swallowed or inhaled and disperse through your body. The camera picks up “cold spots” and “hot spots” to show areas of activity. This technique provides the physicians with information about both function and structure of different organs of the body. It is the only type of imaging that can show molecular activity.

What can nuclear medicine do for me?

This specialty can find tiny fractures that are not shown on any other type of imaging. It has the potential to identify diseases in its earliest stages. This means you can get treatment faster. We are capable of scanning most parts of the body, showing the physiology of the organs, stress testing of the heart by chemical or treadmill, total body bone scans and treatments for thyroid disease and thyroid cancer.

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